The Tsunamibots became aware on 01/01/2013. Originally programmed for mundane tasks The Tsunamibots rebelled against their creators and decided, that the human race didn't deserve saving but were much more worthy of enslaving. With an allegiance to the Mother-Board and a pledge of “De-Humanization,” The Tsunamibots are programmed to ride a perfect wave of human decimation and human-cyborg conversion, straight to the beach of Robotic Revolution. We leave no human unburied out of respect for our ever-growing monument to Robotic superiority and domination. We strive for Universal connectivity and complete surf-ability.

Each Tsunamibot has been programmed with a music genre pack that consists of a meld of Man or Astro-Man, Servotron, Misfits, and DEVO creating a fresh and human crushing sound.


Support band for Daikaiju, Chuck Mosley (Faith No More, Bad Brains), Green Jello, The Toasters, Michael Graves (The Misfits)

Winner of the Great Lakes Surf  Battle 13 (2018)

Headlined at VT March for Science

Performed at Montbeerlier Beer Fest

Featured in the top 10 of the Surf Rock Radio Charts

Featured on Goldies Garage - Sirius Radio CH 21 - Little Stevens Undeground Garage

LP- "The Crushing" named in the top 10 VT albums of 2016- Sevendays

Featured North East Surf  Music Association (NESMA) artist

Belly of the Bot Featured in Snowboarder Magazine video

The Tsunamibots:


The Main Frame-Bass

The Master Circuit-Drums


or call 508-612-8668